Bicycling (South Africa)

How To Train ‘Easy’


START WITH HEART RATE. AS A MINIMUM, YOU WILL NEED A HEART-RATE MONITOR. Determine your maximum heart rate, as near as possible – you are most likely to see it in a race or hard group ride. Never use the ‘220-minusage’ or any other formula. Set 75% of your maximum as your target average, BUT: limit deviations from this 75% by 10 beats in either direction. Here’s an example:

Maximum heart rate 177 75% of 177 = 133 During your ride, train between 123 minimum and 143 maximum

You must pedal the flats and downs, and go superslowl­y uphill; you will need to trust that this method will stimulate and build your aerobic energy metabolism capacity.

And that’s what will make you fast.

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