Bicycling (South Africa) - - Tour De France 2018 -

Day One “To­tally Bogan.” – Ev­ery­one “We’re in Ceres, it’s un­der 10°, it’s piss­ing with rain.” – Pin­ner “Wait! We need to doc­u­ment this.” – Pin­ner “Five min­utes in, and we’re lost al­ready.” – Marc “Char­lie wanted me to wee on his hands at some point.” – James “Spir­its are high... weather is shit.” – J-rad “White rolls and Bogan Broth.” – Char­lie Day Two “I made the smart move, and didn’t ride this morn­ing.” – Sanchez “6:30, and al­ready one fence in.” – Bernie “Men­tally, I'm su­per-strong.”

– Sanchez (af­ter skip­ping the fi­irst half of Day 2) “102km – okes, we're al­most

half­way!” – Char­lie “We’ve been here for 10 min­utes and they haven’t come past and we’ve only done 13km. There’s def­i­nitely some­thing wrong.” – Marc “I was all set up, but in the wrong lo­ca­tion.” – Marc “Those were the longest two kays of my life!” – Char­lie “Is Beast still riding?” – Sanchez Day Three “Go­ing to be a cruise to­day.” – Beast “Amaz­ing break­fast, and now we have Beast to pull us all the way through to Meir­ingspoort.” – Pin­ner “Okes – have we got any toiler pa­per in the car?!” – J-rad “I al­most pawned it on the de­scent. That would’ve writ­ten off a good week.” – James “Fuck bru, I lost my phone down

there.” – Char­lie (at the bot­tom of Montague pass) “It’s not over till it’s over.”

– Pin­ner “Only brown-bot­tle beer for a Bogan.” – Pin­ner

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