How They Shift

Bicycling (South Africa) - - Tour De France 2018 -

The key dif­fer­ence be­tween SRAM and Shimano groupsets is the shift­ing ac­tu­a­tion – the dis­tance be­tween shifts rel­a­tive to the lever in­dex.

Shimano’s 1:1 ra­tio means the ca­ble and de­railleur move fur­ther dur­ing each shift. For many rid­ers this leads to a crisper shift, trans­lat­ing into bet­ter feel and all­round ro­bust­ness on muddy ter­rain and un­der load.

SRAM works on the tighter tol­er­ance of a 2:1 ra­tio. Ide­ally, this means smoother shifts with less ef­fort – although the down­side is dif­fi­culty in gaug­ing shift­ing feed­back while riding, which can lead to un­in­tended force un­der load.

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