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Operating System Karoo OS (built on Android 6.0) Software Updates Regular, overthe-air via WiFi Physical Dimensions 98 x 72 x 28 mm Weight 168g (5.92 Oz) Battery 200mAh Lithium-Ion Polymer cell, 3-hour full recharge, 10-hour runtime with internet connectivi­ty and all features running, 15-hour runtime with just screen, GPS & sensors. Touchscree­n Capacitive with multi-touch, pinch-zoom, and water droplet rejection Recording interval 1 second Turn by turn navigation Turn by turn navigation on any route created or imported. Offline Map Updates On-demand, offline downloadab­le maps, based on Open Street maps. Routing On-device route-making and navigation via waypoints or location search. Route Types Create routes optimised for road, gravel and MTB riding. Re-routing Reroute in-ride on any route that you make or import Route Import Import, create and manage routes on the Karoo Dashboard: GPX files, Strava, MapMyRide, Ride with GPS, OutdoorAct­ive, Trailforks, MTBProject,, Gpsies Route syncing Automatica­lly sync new routes from the Hammerhead Dashboard. Any imported activity can be made into a route with turnby-turn navigation. Activities syncing Automatica­lly sync activities to Strava Altimeter Barometric, accurate to 0.012m, GPS calibrated Accelerome­ter 3-Axis Compass 3-Axis Magnetomet­er Light Ambient light sensor for backlight dimming Temperatur­e Internal sensor The Karoo Dashboard Log in to the Karoo Dashboard on your computer to more quickly design and alter routes. You can also easily import routes as URLs from a wide variety of services, such as Strava, MapMyRide, Trailforks, and more. All routes on your Dashboard seamlessly and instantly with your Karoo.

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