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Specialize­d Propero III with ANGi


Who or what is ANGi? It stands for ‘Angular and G-Force Indicator’, and it’s a little crash sensor, about the size of a key fob, that Specialize­d are rolling out across many helmets in their range. This little nugget of technology is designed to detect an impact to the head, or even a harmful whiplash event, where the helmet itself is undamaged. ANGi works in conjunctio­n with your smartphone: you connect the sensor to the Specialize­d Ride app by gently shaking the helmet to wake it up, and if disaster strikes while you’re out, a message will be sent via SMS and email to the emergency contacts you’ve listed. There’s a countdown on the phone screen before the alert is sent out, so you can cancel it if ANGi has

been triggered in error, but I found that this was quite hard to do. I had to jerk the helmet violently to trigger the ‘potential crash’ warning, which was delivered to my wife within a minute. I didn’t want to damage the helmet (or my marriage) by trying to trigger the more severe ‘impact alert’ warning. But I’m pretty sure that ANGi would work as promised in a real-world accident. There are a few drawbacks. You have to remember to activate the sensor and pair it with your phone before you set off, and its functional­ity is dependent on cellphone signal and your phone not running out of battery. ANGi can also run flat, although the replaceabl­e battery apparently lasts for six months. When you buy a helmet with the technology, you get a year’s free subscripti­on to the service; after that it will cost you US$30 per year (about R450). But enough about ANGi; let’s have a look at what else the Propero III has to offer. It’s not an ultra-lightweigh­t helmet like its cousin, the S-Works Prevail; but it has a similar design, with excellent airflow. I found it very comfortabl­e to wear, with a simple turn dial at the back to adjust the fit. It even has a removable peak, which makes it suitable for any kind of riding, from road to gravel and even mountain-bike loops. If ANGi wasn’t enough, the Propero also comes with MIPS, which stands for Multi-directiona­l Impact Protection System. The technology was developed by neuro-boffins in Sweden, and it allows the helmet to slip slightly on your head under pressure in a crash, which causes your brain to experience less rotational force in your skull. Lab tests have shown that this greatly reduces the risk of concussion and more serious injury. Considerin­g that it’s loaded with the most up-to-date helmet technology available in 2019, the Propero III feels like a bargain at the price. If you’re not a fan of gloss black and rocket red, it’s also available in more demure hues: matte black and matte white. R2 200 SPECIALIZE­D.COM

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