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Canyon Endurace AL 7.0 | R28 000 |

This is the endurance-bike equivalent of the Optimo 105. It has the same groupset, and a similarly lightweigh­t, compliant aluminium frame, with a carbon fork. The main difference is the frame geometry, which puts the rider in a slightly more upright position for greater comfort over distance. The carbon seat post and Shimano 105 brakes are improvemen­ts over the CAAD Optimo’s alloy post and Tektro brakes, allowing the Endurace to creep in at 8.2kg. But it’s also a few thousand rand more expensive. Your call…

Silverback Stratos AL 5 | R20 290 | silverback­

Yes, it ‘only’ has a 1x10 drivetrain, and the narrow rims and tyres are a little behind the times, but this is the best dual-suspension mountain bike you’re going to find at this price point. The asymmetric­al frame has an elegant rear suspension set-up with a single pivot near the bottom bracket, and the 120mm of suspension travel front and rear, along with the relaxed frame geometry, enhance the bike’s playful qualities. Buy it, ride it, upgrade it over time. Thanks, Silverback!

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