Bicycling (South Africa)



Local is Lekker

Convenienc­e is super-important. Whether it’s for energy bars or emergency sealant top-up, you don’t want to drive forever.

The Right Staff

Knowledgea­ble, welcoming and experience­d, and killer baristas! Feel like hanging around a bit longer, watching reruns of Nino, or comparing scars? Perfect.

Top Wrenches

Your baby deserves the absolute best. Trained, qualified mechanics save you money in the long run.

Communicat­ion 101

you want to find a shop that isn’t afraid to call you every step of the way on repairs and orders. It’s gobsmackin­g how few get this right.

Fast and Flexible

Your shop should either run a robust pre-booking system for repairs, or have some capacity for your emergencie­s, or both. Having your bike lurking around the back of the shop for days or weeks frustrates everyone.

Newspapers in English

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