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If you hate the ‘locked in’ feel of a trainer but want to ride on third-party virtual platforms, these interactiv­e rollers are your answer. On their own (not plugged in or connected to devices or apps), they function like a standard set of rollers. They slide back and forth on a fixed frame; which makes for a natural-feeling ride, as the bike has the freedom to move froward and back as well as from side to side.

When connected to software such as Zwift, they adjust their resistance according to what you’re (virtually) riding. At first the resistance changes may feel a bit odd, but you adjust quickly thanks to the free-flowing movement of the bike.

These might not suit roller purists (too much resistance for high-cadence technique work), and trainer-lovers might not like that they can’t zone out for hours on end with nothing to think about but keeping the pedals turning. But they offer a happy middle ground for everyone else.

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