Bicycling (South Africa)

TACX NEO 2T R29 999


The Neo 2T is similar to the Kickr in both power measuremen­t – up to 2 200 watts within 1 per cent accuracy – and maximum gradient simulated (up to 25 per cent). But the Neo 2T has two features found nowhere else: it generates its own electricit­y (although it works best when plugged in); and similarly to the old-school Nintendo Rumble Pak, it vibrates to simulate a wide range of road surfaces – from gravel to cobbleston­es. Unlike other direct-drive trainers that use belts or rollers for power transmissi­on, the Neo 2T uses a metal flywheel with magnets that interact with electrical coils to moderate resistance. You turn the flywheel directly as you pedal – the more electricit­y that flows through the coils, the larger the magnetic force. The Neo 2T allows more side-to-side movement than the Kickr, and feels as natural as riding a stationary trainer can, even through high-powered efforts like steep climbs and full-gas sprints. It comes with pedalstrok­e analysis and a through-axle adapter (for 142x12mm and 148x12mm axles), and is compatible with Shimano and SRAM 8- to 12-speed drivetrain­s.

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