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90. The best group rides in South Africa


SA’S 14 best group rides, from Cape Town to Bloemfonte­in to KZN – guaranteed to make you fall more in love with riding.

Whether it’s an attack-inthe-hills, sprint-for-thelast-streetligh­t snakefest or a leisurely outing for coffee, the group ride invokes satisfacti­on and camaraderi­e arguably second only to that postrace buzz.

No two groups are the same: each has its own vibe, attracts a certain type of rider, and provides a certain reward, whether it’s a post-ride coffee or a yearend trophy. Whatever the reason, they get thousands of people on the road every day… no entry fee required!

We take a look at some of the country’s best-known group rides, and speak to those who have experience­d them or who have a hand in making them happen – to GET A first-hand Account of what makes each one special.

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