Bicycling WOW Rides



This group ride is renowned for its speed – and the scenery along the way. The route is flat and fast, and follows the coastline for about 20km on Marine Drive, which is wonderfull­y scenic. Then you cruise back into town along the beachfront, and then head past the airport and back to the start.

The level of rider ability varies vastly. On most days you’ll see riders of all levels, from coffee cruisers to serious cyclists. But Wednesday is reserved for racing, and this is when the fastest riders steal the show. This is the windy city, and the gusts play a huge role in this ride, especially on racing Wednesday; and if a westerly is blowing, the ride gets really fast along Marine Drive until you hit the beachfront.

There is one short sharp climb, up a section of La Roche Drive (1km at 3%) – this often results in a straight shootout for the top of the hill.


“The group is very social and friendly – whichever day you ride. On Wednesdays though, or when a strong westerly is blowing, the seriousnes­s ramps up, as you need to be ready for speed. But people are very friendly in the windy city, and anyone is welcome to come along for a ride and a good chat.

“It’s especially popular for its speed and good-natured competitiv­eness on fast days. Everyone loves cruising along at 45-50km/h without going into the red.”

– Jarred Salszwedel, Cycling coach


Rock up at the start, and be ready to roll. Especially if the westerly is blowing!

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