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Op­po­sites at­tract in re­la­tion­ships, much like how the strong an­tibac­te­rial prop­er­ties of Se­curex blend per­fectly with soft and sooth­ing aloe vera. When it comes to gift­ing, though, “op­po­sites at­tract” can be hi­lar­i­ous! Here are some tips to en­sure that, this year, your gift giv­ing doesn't end with you re­ceiv­ing a box of choco­late cov­ered nuts when you're al­ler­gic to them.

You wanted your favourite

au­thor’s new ro­mance. He gave

you… Chicken Soup for the Soul –

from his mom’s book­case.

Think about it If you're wor­ried that he isn't giv­ing any thought to your gift, speak up and ask. If you need to, make a note on his phone so that he doesn't for­get once he's at the shop. We all know men some­times need more than just a hint!

You wanted a new dress. He

bought you… a bread maker!

It doesn’t al­ways have to be prac­ti­cal Yes, you may need a new home ap­pli­ance, but that doesn’t mean that it is some­thing you'd want as a gift. A smaller gift that’s suited to you per­son­ally is nicer to re­ceive than some­thing that means you’ll just have to do more house­work. He also won't ap­pre­ci­ate it if you bought him a lawn­mower, for in­stance. Rather tell him the kind of gift you would like than just say­ing "I don't know" or "any­thing".

You can’t swim. He buys you…

a div­ing suit!

Don’t be that per­son Don’t buy for some­one else what you want for your­self; it’s just bad taste. This goes both ways.

You want a neck­lace, and he gives you a choco­late bar that he bought on the way home. And, it’s the one choco­late bar you hate. We show you how to get it right this fes­tive sea­son.

You wanted a pair of di­a­mond

ear­rings. He gave you…

other ear­rings.

Be hon­est Yes, you may want a hol­i­day on a trop­i­cal is­land, but if his fi­nances just aren’t there, don’t ex­pect him to go bank­rupt try­ing to give a gift. Be hon­est with each other about what you can af­ford. In the end, re­mem­ber­ing why you love some­one is a lot more im­por­tant than any of the gifts they could ever give you. Rather savour ev­ery mo­ment you have to­gether than be an­gry be­cause you didn't get the gift you were ex­pect­ing.

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