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Specialise­d agent to avoid rental crises


SCREENING With rentals gaining in popularity it is becoming more important for buy-to-let investors to check their tenants properly. “Choosing the wrong tenant who either defaults on monthly payments or destroys your valuable property is a nightmare that can be avoided easily,” says Adrian Goslett, CEO of RE/MAX of Southern Africa. “The key to ensuring that the process runs as smoothly as possible is choosing an agent who has a solid background in this specialise­d area of property. The laws governing landlords and tenants have become far more complex in recent times. While all estate agents have the qualificat­ions to sell and lease property, it is advisable for landlords to utilise the services of an agent who has chosen to specialise in this particular field.” Screening tenants to ensure that the right person with the right credit history occupies a home is of particular importance. Goslett says that a profession­al rental agent should have a number of systems in place to conduct a full credit check and tenant history, as well as ascertaini­ng that the client is able to afford the monthly rental. “Defaulting tenants are a particular bugbear and those who sign contracts with the wrong people can find themselves entangled in a legal fight for years,” he says. “Agents should have clear and concise mandates in place that are signed by both the landlord and tenant.”

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