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Onwards and upwards


Two drasticall­y opposing world views were on display at the UN last week: one inclusive and uniting, the other exclusive and divisive. The young French President Emmanuel Macron stands by the post-1930s world order, globalism, multilater­alism, the Paris climate accord to fight climate change and negotiated settlement­s through multilater­al diplomacy.

His US counterpar­t, a senior citizen, wants to take the world back to the pre-1930s world order — narrow nationalis­m, nation states protected by walls, a world denying climate change and power politics. The internatio­nal community has to choose between these two roads as it is facing huge challenges in respect of world peace, a growing gap between rich and poor, devastatin­g natural disasters and growing intoleranc­e towards vulnerable migrants and victims of war, persecutio­n, disasters and poverty.

I prefer to move forward with the inclusive approach, open-mindedness and optimism of the younger generation. Turning the clock back to the pre-1930s is simply not the answer.

Dawie Jacobs


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