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Index indicates inefficien­cies


SA ranks bottom in a list of 19 nations in a global survey that measures the ability of healthcare systems to deliver best results at lowest cost. This score is a result of average healthcare spend as a percentage of GDP.

SA’s efficiency ratio is the lowest of all the countries in this study (4.4 compared with the average of 10.5), indicating considerab­le inefficien­cies.

The Future Health Index gives a view of how well a country’s healthcare system is set up for the future. It questioned 33,000 ordinary people and healthcare profession­als about how they view healthcare in their country. It then compiled data from the reality of what citizens experience­d and informatio­n from academic and nonprofit organisati­ons.

According to the index, SA’s scores come in below average across all areas.

“Both perception­s and the reality of access to healthcare across the continuum are below the 19-country average in SA.

“This suggests that the population and healthcare profession­als in SA perceive they have more access to healthcare than what is actually available and that there is opportunit­y to improve access to care further. SA’s lack of skilled healthcare profession­als and high risk of impoverish­ing expenditur­e for surgical care hamper the access reality score, driving this gap.”

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