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Reds bad for SA business


Blaming the apartheid regime for our current economic malaise is in part correct as bantu education resulted in the great majority of our population over the age of, say, 40 being economical­ly illiterate and so unable to either understand or refute the garbage preached by the unions and the SA Communist Party (SACP).

On top of that, the ANC insists on appointing communists to key positions of economic importance, such as the minister of trade & industry. It is the avowed intention of communism to destroy capitalism and usher in the egalitaria­n state, but this minister is charged with promoting business enterprise! As Tim Cohen notes, the proposals made in the Competitio­n Amendment Bill will make things worse for the economy but better for achieving communist objectives.

President Cyril Ramaphosa should get rid of the SACP adherents in at least the economic sectors of government, as well as all the Zuptas and VBS beneficiar­ies, and replace them with people like Patrice Motsepe who understand business.

Robert Stone Linden

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