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ANC implosion looms


The Taliban eventually won its battle against the world’s most powerful army because its soldiers had purpose and commitment. It was the same type of commitment that allowed the ANC to come to power in SA. The Taliban’s challenge in victory is to find a new purpose that will keep its factions working together in a difficult situation, to move Afghanista­n forward. SA’s current condition is proof that the ANC failed to do this.

The governing party’s destructiv­e factionali­sm will continue to degrade the SA economy and increase social strife, while preventing any initiative­s to significan­tly improve the situation. Meanwhile, the ANC’s predominan­tly rural voting base will continue to keep it in office. This will continue until it either implodes or an opposition emerges to drive it out.

Recent events, including the ANC’s nonpayment of staff and failure to nominate candidates for the upcoming municipal elections, indicate that implosion may be imminent. This will create a power vacuum requiring a government of national unity. Failure to put such a government in place quickly will leave the door open to an even more destructiv­e populism.

James Cunningham Camps Bay

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