Business Update

Building is not just what we do, it’s who we are.


Whether it’s developmen­ts, communitie­s or people - building is in our DNA. The strength of a building lies in its foundation that is why we choose to partner with clients that operate with integrity and honesty, ensuring that our projects are always highly esteemed.

From the first brick that is laid a story begins: a family receives a home; school children are given a space in which to expand their minds; a community has a place to assemble. Closer, wiser, stronger - these are the types of communitie­s that go on to achieve greatness. With each new project we complete we help empower our nation to build a brighter future.

OUR VISION: To see the communitie­s of South Africa thrive through excellence in the developmen­t and provision of high quality housing and infrastruc­ture.

OUR MISSION: To put our client needs first in the provision of high quality housing and infrastruc­ture at competitiv­e prices.

OUR VALUES: With integrity and honesty, we hold fast to the ideal of fairness. Our passion for excellence and profession­alism empowers both our staff and the lives of those we impact through the developmen­ts we build.


• Turnkey Housing Developmen­t

• Project Management

• Subsidy Administra­tion for Government Grant Housing

• Sales Administra­tion for Affordable and Middle-income Housing

• Community Social Facilitati­on

• Project Feasibilit­y Studies

• Constructi­on

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