MEC twists schools act to fit her agenda

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THERE is no doubt that the MEC’s re­sponse to my let­ter in the Cape Ar­gus is shock­ing. Her let­ter is not a les­son in law, but rather how one can ex­ploit and twist the law for one’s ben­e­fit. Her ap­proach goes against the spirit of the law.

I main­tain that the SA Schools Act (Sasa) has the ed­u­ca­tion of all pupils at heart. Any loop­holes in it should not be ex­ploited. The MEC has found loop­holes in the ex­ist­ing Sasa frame­work al­low­ing her to per­pet­u­ate her apartheid like prac­tices. A case in point is her re­cent han­dling of the Rusten­burg Girls’ Ju­nior School de­ba­cle.

Her re­mark about my ref­er­ence to sec­tion 23(9) of Sasa is mis­placed. This sec­tion deals with mem­bers of gov­ern­ing bod­ies at OR­DI­NARY PUB­LIC SCHOOLS. The next sec­tion deals with schools for pupils with spe­cial needs.

Hence my state­ment that any pub­lic school has ref­er­ence to any or­di­nary pub­lic school and ex­cludes spe­cial needs school. She should look closely at the act.

Her re­mark that col­lab­o­ra­tion schools and donor funded schools are dif­fer­ent gov­er­nance mod­els for pub­lic schools is also mis­placed since any or­di­nary pub­lic school is gov­erned by sec­tion 23(9).

Sasa does not pro­vide a frame­work for any school other than or­di­nary, spe­cial needs or pri­vate or in­de­pen­dent schools. If col­lab­o­ra­tion schools fall within the pub­lic school do­main, then 23(9) ap­plies to it.

I hope read­ers can read be­tween the lines and ques­tion her mo­tive for in­tro­duc­ing col­lab­o­ra­tion funded schools.

Is this an­other ploy of cre­at­ing cheaper pri­vately-funded schools us­ing tax­pay­ers money where the fun­ders have a great say in man­age­ment? You be the judge.


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