Be­liev­ers are all Mus­lim, ‘as Is­lam ex­isted from time im­memo­rial’

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“OPEN Mosque opens heart and doors to em­brace Jews and Chris­tians” (Ar­gus, De­cem­ber 5) refers.

The mis­con­cep­tion that Is­lam is the ex­clu­sive do­main of Is­lam’s fi­nal prophet, Prophet Mo­hammed (PBUH) needs in­tro­spec­tion.

In a lec­ture by Pro­fes­sor Moshe Sharon in an ad­dress at the He­brew Univer­sity of Jerusalem, he says: “There is an at­ti­tude of Is­lam to his­tory. That means that all ma­jor fig­ures of his­tory are Mus­lim. From Adam all fig­ures are Mus­lim fig­ures down to old times.

“Since the cre­ation of the world there is only one re­li­gion and that is the re­li­gion of Is­lam. Solomon was a Mus­lim, David, Abra­ham, Isaac and Je­sus were all Mus­lim.”

There­fore the Holy Qu’ran, which is a fi­nal sum­mary of ear­lier rev­e­la­tions, talks about be­liev­ers with­out any spe­cific ref­er­ence to any par­tic­u­lar Prophet.

Is­lam means “sub­mis­sion to the Almighty”. Those who sub­mit are re­ferred to as Mus­lim.

In con­text, Pro­fes­sor Sharon there­fore cor­rectly states that we as be­liev­ers are all Mus­lim, as Is­lam ex­isted from time im­memo­rial.

Wah­habism has lit­tle to do with Is­lam but is driven by a po­lit­i­cal agenda in sub­ju­gat­ing and con­tain­ing Is­lam in ad­vanc­ing geopo­lit­i­cal am­bi­tions by monopoly cap­i­tal­ists.

There is no com­par­a­tive Is­lam, and hence my fail­ure in un­der­stand­ing the writer in ad­vanc­ing what he refers to as “pris­tine Is­lam”.

Sin­gling out Mus­lims in ran­dom killings of “non-Mus­lims” is a sim­plis­tic and pop­ulist nar­ra­tive of an un­der­stand­ing of pol­i­tics of the day, fit­ting in per­fectly with so­cial en­gi­neer­ing that ter­ror­ism and Is­lam are one. A cor­rec­tion: Why be se­lec­tive? The acts of “blas­phemy” im­posed on a Pak­istani Chris­tian woman con­demn­ing her to death were driven by a cul­tural, pop­ulist and emo­tional mis­con­cep­tion in Pak­istani so­ci­ety equat­ing it to Is­lam.

This was right­fully over­turned by the Pak­istani court of ap­peal la­belling it un-Is­lamic.

World Wars I and II claimed the lives of 95 mil­lion peo­ple.

Must we blame Chris­tian­ity for these un­for­giv­able atroc­i­ties? LATHIF GAFOOR Re­treat

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