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Warning on bogus inspectors


LABOUR inspectors did not issue spot fines, the department of labour in the North West said yesterday.

“We wish to inform the public that under no circumstan­ces will the labour inspectors issue on-the-spot fines for non-compliance,” said Andile Makapela, North West chief director provincial operations.

“In terms of non-compliance, the labour inspector, guided by the labour laws, can only issue the following notices –14 days undertakin­g for non-compliance with the Basic Condition of Employment Act while for non-compliance with the Occupation­al Health and Safety Act, an inspector can issue a 60 days improvemen­t notice and/or a 60 days contravent­ion notice; and a prohibitio­n notice to stop operations which can be revoked after an institutio­n has fixed the items of concern.”

Makapela said an inspector could refer the non-complying instructio­n to the labour court or the local magistrate’s court for further adjudicati­on.

He was reacting to reports that a vehicle with Gauteng province registrati­on numbers was moving around the province, with its occupants claiming to be labour inspectors.

The alleged bogus inspectors targeted businesses in the province.

They demanded money from them alleging it was for non-compliance with labour laws and they issued fines that needed to be paid on the spot.

“We, therefore, call on any employer or company that might have come across these individual­s to engage the North West provincial chief inspector or the local labour centre for the matter to be investigat­ed further,” Makapela said.|

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