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Neighbour testifies in Jeremiah’s case


ALBIE Japie, a backyarder at Abigail Ruiters mother’s home, told the Western Cape High Court about the moment he saw murder accused, Ameerudien Peters, walk out with Jeremiah Ruiters.

Jeremiah, 18 months old, was raped, beaten and stabbed.

He died on June 12, 2017, as a result of a blunt force trauma to his spine, a cracked skull, broken ribs and bite marks over his body, including his face and genitals.

His mother, Abigail Ruiters and Peters (her boyfriend), are on trial.

Ruiters is charged with abuse and neglect of Jeremiah and her two daughters, aged eight and three. Peters faces a charge of rape and murder.

Japie told the court he had been a backyarder at the Ruiters household for many years.

He said his wendy house was about a metre from Ruiters’s wendy house.

On the day of Jeremiah’s death, he said he saw Peters with the child.

“Ameerudien ran past me. I asked him what’s wrong and he never gave me an answer.

“He had Jeremiah tucked inside the jacket with the zipper up.

“He was wearing a red tracksuit top, but I couldn’t see Jeremiah’s face.”

He said a few hours later his wife, Magarette Japie, walked in and informed him that Jeremiah had died.

Japie said Peters always carried the toddler, tucked under his jacket.

He said he had seen Jeremiah the previous day.

Japie said he also knew of two injuries Jeremiah had, one on the shoulder and the other on his finger.

“We were told he fell and hit his shoulder, but I am not sure how he got injured on his finger.

“I just saw that the finger was injured.” The trial continues today.

We were told he fell and hit his shoulder, but I am not sure how Albie Japie NEIGHBOUR

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