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Fishers call for upgrade

Urge the City to ensure safety and demand that the area be turned into an economic hub


RECREATION­AL fishermen at Strandfont­ein Beach are demanding the area be developed into an economic hub which would ensure their safety and attract bathers to the beachfront.

Retired police officer Keith Blake, who has been fishing at the beachfront since 2008, pointed out that safety was one of the main concerns for fishermen, and that dilapidate­d toilets in the area were an eyesore.

“At present the whole area reflects a war zone, with craters in the beach road area and no sufficient toilets. We are busy forming an action group to take up the fight with the City of Cape Town.

“We want to know from the City why they can’t develop the Strandfont­ein pavilion and surroundin­g area into a Strandfont­ein Waterfront. In this way businesses, takeaways and little shops can be created with the safe security so that people on the Cape Flats can in great numbers visit the beachfront,” Blake said.

He also highlighte­d the idea of building a petrol station next to Baden Powell and Strandfont­ein Roads. He believes this feature will be a benefit to motorists using the long stretch of road.

Mayco member for Spatial Planning and Environmen­t, Marian Nieuwoudt, emphasised that the upgrade of Fisherman’s Lane on the False Bay coastline was one of the most important projects the City will be undertakin­g over the next three years.

“Officials within the Coastal Management Department have already started with the planning of the Fisherman’s Lane project and profession­al service providers will be appointed before the end of next month if all goes as planned.

“We aim to have the contractor on site by October 2020 and for the project to be completed by November 2021 if there are no unforeseen delays.

“We intend to upgrade the existing braai area, and to provide a new picnic/braai area, additional parking bays, a new walkway where the road has collapsed, and to replace the broken sea wall with a rock revetment. It is high time that we restore and protect this area for future generation­s,” she said.

She said R25 million had been allocated for the upgrade.

Nieuwoudt underlined that the City would assess any developmen­t proposal/applicatio­n for a filling station in terms of the Municipal Planning By-law and the City’s zoning. She added that it was up to the private sector to come forward with such an applicatio­n.

 ?? SUPPLIED ?? THE dilapidate­d toilets on Strandfont­ein beach have become an eyesore and are the subject of many complaints. |
SUPPLIED THE dilapidate­d toilets on Strandfont­ein beach have become an eyesore and are the subject of many complaints. |

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