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EFF waiting in the wings to govern unless ANC expedites positive change

- FAROUK ARAIE | Johannesbu­rg

ALL OUR adrenaline was taken up in this election campaign, but the hormonal rush will surely return in 2024, with seismic consequenc­es.

The elementary lesson of politics that have propelled EFF leader Julius Malema into a popular figure are lost on the masses; power is not an entitlemen­t, it has to be created and wrested away from others.

Losers must be reminded that democratic elections, like cup finals, crown the victors, not the vanquished.

Many aspiring new leaders projected a negative image among a discerning part of the electorate and in the process were decapitate­d.

They appeared tired and uncharacte­ristically crude. They displayed an obsession with being negative. Their strategies and tactics read like a textbook electoral suicide note.

They elevated pettiness and parochial interests over and above the sacrosanct­ity of a hitherto political correctnes­s. Those who were exterminat­ed are the victims of frayed nerves and battered egos. Their outdated policies trashed and dumped into the political waste bin, these opportunis­ts compromise­d the pivotal moral anchor of civilised engagement for temporary selfish gains.

This election was a reality check for the ANC. It appears that it is bent on self-destructio­n. It has allowed money to dictate its thematic largeness. A once noble organisati­on has lost its soul, its principles and humble beginnings of righteousn­ess.

It has auctioned the principles of democratic guidance and equity for the squalid, dirty and shameful resort to political prostituti­on, where nothing matters save the putrid gains of the moment.

The ANC received 57% of the vote, due to the changing of the guard. Had the old guard prevailed, the ANC would have had difficulty attaining 45% of the votes cast.

The writing is on the wall for the ANC… it will have to drasticall­y overhaul its vision of the future and undertake urgent steps to mollify an angry and restless nation.

The message is distinctly clear that unless there is positive change the EFF will emerge victorious in 2024 with a clear mandate to govern.

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