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Move to feed needy children

- Staff Reporter

NON-profit organisati­on Inani Start Well Foundation is working to raise awareness and funds to build a processing plant that will produce nutritious food in support of organisati­ons that feed and assist underprivi­leged children in different parts of the country.

It is working to correct the “norm” that millions of vulnerable South African children who because of socio-economic circumstan­ces do not have access to food that is rich in growth nutrients during most of their critical developmen­tal years.

Inani foundation executive director Org van der Wath said about 27% of South Africa’s children do not reach their full growth potential due to childhood stunting. “Without access to vital nutrients, children tend to suffer permanent growth impairment­s or childhood stunting. However, Inani’s nutrient-dense cereal aims to address the stunting tragedy.

“We understand that less fortunate families can only afford staple foods which contain very little animal fats and protein, which carry crucial growth nutrients.”

For most organisati­ons, the drive to feed and assist less privileged communitie­s, in particular children, can outweigh the need to check and ensure that the food they’re feeding them contains vital nutrients.

In South Africa over 300 000 children born each year become stunted.

“Some feeding schemes use meals fortified with soya to increase the protein content. Most food scientists question whether soya can contribute to poor kids’ chronic shortage of essential growth-nutrients. Stunting can only be addressed by ensuring that small growing children receive quality growth nutrients regularly. Inani aims to partner with feeding schemes to deliver daily nutrient-dense meals,” Van der Wath said. |

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