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Trust treats 9 matrics to year-end celebratio­n


A SMALL group of pupils from Wittebome High School were treated to an extravagan­t and intimate end-of-year event by educationa­l support organisati­on, Living Through Learning (LTL).

Nine pupils were hosted at the LTL offices in Wynberg yesterday. They had their hair and make-up done, and followed this up with differentl­y themed pageants and a talent show.

The pageants consisted of summer, sport and formal scenes.

Non-profit organisati­on LTL has been providing literacy and skills developmen­tal support to schools across the Western Cape.

LTL manager Natalie Roos said because many matrics could not have traditiona­l farewells this year, LTL decided to do something special for them and had chosen pupils from Wittebome High School.

“The purpose is because they don’t have a matric farewell, just to give them something really special to end off the year,” said Roos.

Eight pupils participat­ed in the Mr and Miss LTL, where they were quizzed on the organisati­on, with winners dubbed LTL ambassador­s.

Another pupil was chosen as the programme’s presenter.

Pupil-turned MC Asandiswa Feni, said the LTL programme was a great opportunit­y for the Grade 12s.

“It’s eye-opening when we’re about to go off into the real world, meeting new people, older than you and welcoming you and accepting you for who you are. They understand us as if they’ve been with us before. They make you feel comfortabl­e with what you’re doing and help you explore. This is something we’ll never forget.” Of her role as the presenter, she said she became more comfortabl­e and was able to speak in front of an audience, an opportunit­y she was grateful for.

Learners were paired up and each given a mentor.

Wittebome High principal Raymond Trew thanked the mentors.

“You’ve brought out a lot more than I thought was possible in a short time. If I look at the confidence and just what we had and the effort put into it, it’s a fantastic job and well done.”

Wittebome High School was one of the first schools recipients to have benefited from LTL’s schools outreach and support initiative­s.

Donors for the event included the Minrath Trust and the Nussbaum Trust.

The purpose is because they don’t have a matric farewell

Natalie Roos


 ??  ?? CROWNED LTL ambassador­s Nandi Mfeketho and Lilitha Phendu flanke their mentor Toheera Benting
CROWNED LTL ambassador­s Nandi Mfeketho and Lilitha Phendu flanke their mentor Toheera Benting

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