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Nobody, including WCED head, knew how to deal with virus


IT IS clear that head of the Western Cape Education Department (WCED) Brian Schreuder did not like the letter principal (Wesley) Neumann sent to him in response to his. Even clear and analytical thinkers must not question or respond to those of higher caste.

When Neumann writes that he feels compelled to respond, he is telling this untouchabl­e individual that normally he would not respond, however, any person who can distinguis­h between good and bad, right or wrong, sense or non-sense, would be compelled to reply – or become part of unlawful actions. Nobody can with a clear conscience ignore a wrong.

To have issued the instructio­n that the Grade 12 learners must return to school, never mind what their absenteeis­m reasons were, was an unlawful instructio­n considerin­g that the Command Council, through the president, gave permission for this where deemed unsafe.

Nobody, including Schreuder, knew how to deal with this virus and therefore the instructio­n to return to school – “No matter what the reasons” – becomes criminal when read in the safety area of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The reply of principal Neumann with regard to “it is unfortunat­e that you resorted to pre 1994 methods ...” refers to the fact that the apartheid government used this type of instructio­n method and did not expect any “black person” replying when faced with the possibilit­y of having the death of learners on their conscience.

We request that Schreuder retires now, not later.

BRANDON DE KOCK | Heathfield High School SGB Treasurer, Executive Action Committee Member

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