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What is chess? Here are a number of interpreta­tions from various chess players as well as others who have distinguis­hed themselves in other fields. Chess is a beautiful mistress-Bent Larsen; Chess is my life-Viktor Korchnoi; Chess is certainly not my life-Tony Miles; Chess is fine entertainm­ent-Leo Tolstoy; Chess is work-Walter Browne; Chess is the touchstone of the intellect-Goethe; Chess is a fairy tale of 1001 blunders-Saveilly Tartakower; Chess is beautiful enough to waste your life for-Hans Ree; Chess is the game that reflects the most honour on human wit-Voltaire; Chess is a fight-Emmanuel Lasker; Chess is a cold bath for the mind-Andrew Bonar Law; Chess is a storm against man-Mikhail Tal; Chess is too difficult to be a game, and not serious enough to be a science or an art-Napoleon; Chess is as much a mystery as women-Cecil Purdy; Chess is an intellectu­al trap-David Bronstein; Chess is life in miniature-Garry Kasparov; Chess is life-Bobby Fischer

Chess is a foolish expedient for making idle people believe they are doing something very clever – George Bernard Shaw

A World Champion had just played 1... Ba5 in what seemed a very drawish position.


When a chess player loses a game there is often a feeling of sadness that comes with the loss. The pain of losing is common, but so is that glorious feeling, that joy, that Oh Yeah!! a feeling most of us have when we win. I have that feeling when I win and it never gets old. Chess etiquette requires one to be quiet so as to not disturb other chess players.

Therefore, it is essential not to outwardly manifest that Oh Yeah!! feeling at the playing site after a win. Replaying winning games away from the playing site is a part of chessing I enjoy. It is commonplac­e for many chess players to relive their chess victories, especially with their chess friends.

There is so much to enjoy about chess, it has been said that chess is an ocean in which an elephant may bathe or a gnat may drink.

Get a life! That is an expression that seldom applies to chess players, because we have many lives, each chess game is another chess-life. Every chess game is a journey to the magical, mystical, wonderful, fun land, where chess is played and enjoyed. Ah, I can hardly wait to travel to Caissa Land, again, and again, and again, and again... (Paul Ragonnet)

 ??  ?? 1936)
Nottingham Euwe,Lasker- Em( 01- daylight) broad in piece a winning( Nc2! 2 Bxb4 b4! 1
1936) Nottingham Euwe,Lasker- Em( 01- daylight) broad in piece a winning( Nc2! 2 Bxb4 b4! 1

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