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Conflictin­g messages and signals from politician­s and scientists adds to pandemic panic


THE only evident thing is the need for scientists or virologist­s to always appear in control and fearless.

There seems to be no true knowledge about the coronaviru­s and a reluctance to admit this is the case, lest (I suppose), humans start looking to God and doubting science and human divinity.

I repeat: the only evident thing is the need for scientists or virologist­s to always appear in control and fearless.

Yet it was not so before we started praying.

From the surface, fear is not evident, but when phrases like “stupidity” and “selfishnes­s” are angrily awarded to those who are not keen on vaccinatio­ns or even masks, it becomes clear that the so-called confidence is a farce.

What is actually desensitis­ing ordinary people to the reality of the coronaviru­s are the numerous conflictin­g messages and signals from politician­s and scientists.

One day washing hands and wearing masks is enough, another day two metres apart is the only protection.

The same wise men and women who insisted on masks can suddenly inquire if the mask was ironed with a hot iron or not.

So an ordinary person is bound to ask himself or herself if the virus can not be fully killed by soap and water in a mask, but there is an extra condition of a hot iron, why should I bother?

Also, for a person with no water or electricit­y, what confidence is there that the preventati­ve measures possible under such conditions are useful?

Again, when things go well and the virus subsides, it is the scientists, Joe Biden and Cyril Ramaphosa’s great leadership.

But when the virus runs amok, it is Donald Trump, reckless Christians and worthless poor citizens and their ignorance.

Somewhere or somehow, the virus understand­s when people are packed like sardines in a taxi or bus, or buying food at the mall in huge numbers.

Gathering for political rallies, protests and equal rights is okay, but the minute it is worshipper­s in a church the virus suddenly becomes uncontroll­able and spreads like a wild blaze.

Wow, what faith or confidence of speculatio­n!

The same wise ones who insisted that everybody has a right to believe in whatever they like and no one has a right to enforce their beliefs on others are now compelling Christians to abandon their hope of salvation and resurrecti­on and share their fears and unbelief.

And this is supposedly the mark of a true Christian.

They refused to listen to the word of God in the name of freedom and equality but now all of us must listen to their fears and doubts in the name of justifying their unbelief and sweetening the failure of human wisdom.


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