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Tears needs help to feed hungry, homeless animals


TEARS Animal Rescue has appealed to the public to help it feed hungry, starving and hypothermi­c homeless animals rescued daily during winter.

Head of marketing and fundraisin­g, Lara van Rensburg, said winter weather posed a massive threat to many homeless people and animals, therefore the organisati­on was seeking animal food, fleece blankets, dog beds, towels, waterproof covers, kennels or donations towards specific items on its website through its Give Warmth campaign.

“The reality is that animals without shelter do not always make it through the harsh conditions of winter, especially if they’re only being fed small scraps. The benefit of some insulation and protection that comes with a kennel can sometimes make the difference between life and death for food-deprived pets who are mostly chained and unable to forage for food,” Van Rensburg said.

She said animal welfare organisati­ons across the peninsula continued to deal with numerous health-care and animal welfare challenges long after the Covid-19 lockdown was lifted.

Tears was forced to close its non-essential veterinary services and mobile clinic for several months due to the restrictio­ns and, as a result, wasn’t able to offer the same rescue and welfare vaccinatio­n, dipping and sterilisat­ion services normally provided in low-income communitie­s.

Operations manager Mandy Store said despite providing kennels, blankets and additional pet food when available, the Tears Veterinary Hospital reported continued pet deaths due to hypothermi­a, exposure to the elements and severe malnutriti­on.

 ??  ?? THIS 7-year old Africanis dog was surrendere­d to Tears last week.
THIS 7-year old Africanis dog was surrendere­d to Tears last week.

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