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Boy, 4, burnt with boiling water for playing with a gate


A WOMAN who allegedly poured boiling water on a 4-year-old boy has been arrested.

Unako Khala was playing with his friends on June 24 when the incident happened in Langa.

His frustrated aunt Yonela Mnyombolo posted on Facebook about the incident.

“I was so angry because the police were not doing anything. This happened almost two weeks ago. The child got home burnt and when we asked he told us he was playing in Settlers and the suspect opened the gate and threw water on him.

“She didn’t do this to all the children who were there, but my nephew.”

The boy’s mother went to confront the suspect a few minutes later.

“They took a video of her while she admitted to throwing water at Unako. She said he was in her territory and even wanted to set pit bulls on them.”

The suspect’s father, who was at the police station to ask for protection, told the Cape Argus his daughter burnt the 4-year-old by “mistake”.

“She was about to wash the dog when she heard the children banging on the gate. At the time she was holding the kettle with boiling water,” he explained.

“When she opened the gate, she told the kids to go away but she slipped and that is how the water got on to the boy. She didn’t mean to do that, this was all a mistake.”

He added that he went to the boy’s family and apologised on his daughter’s behalf. “I explained and apologised and they forgave her.”

Mnyombolo confirmed they have forgiven the suspect.

“But we are not going to drop the charges because the family apologised.

“What even upset me was that the main culprit didn’t have the decency to come and apologise in person, instead she let her father do her bidding.”

The 20-year-old was taken into custody after residents and Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) members intervened.

Police spokespers­on FC van Wyk said an assault with an intent to do grievous bodily harm case (GBH) was registered at Langa SAPS for investigat­ion.

“This follows the injuries of a 4-year-old boy child sustained on July 24. The case was transferre­d to Bishop Lavis FCS for further investigat­ion.

“A 20-year-old suspect was arrested on Thursday, July 6, and is due to appear in court once charged.”

 ?? Supplied ?? UNAKO Khala was burnt allegedly by a woman who didn’t want him to play with her gate. |
Supplied UNAKO Khala was burnt allegedly by a woman who didn’t want him to play with her gate. |

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