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A victory for the peace-loving


THE people of the Islamic Republic of Iran, in particular, are to be warmly congratula­ted for the nuclear deal concluded with the P5+1 (China, France, Germany, the Russian Federation, the UK and the US). US President Barack Obama has hailed it as historic.

The South African government has also welcomed the outcome of the Iran nuclear talks in Lausanne, Switzerlan­d.

“Iran and the P5+1 have taken a historic step in laying down the foundation­s of a final negotiated settlement to the Iranian nuclear dispute. The South African government gives its full encouragem­ent and support to the negotiator­s in the weeks ahead as they work to conclude a comprehens­ive agreement by June 30, 2015,” said the Department of Internatio­nal Relations and Co-operation.

“South Africa has consistent­ly recognised Iran’s inalienabl­e right to nuclear energy for peaceful purposes in line with the provisions of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferat­ion of Nuclear Weapons.

“South Africa has always maintained that the dispute over the Iranian nuclear programme should be resolved peacefully. The successful agreement on a political framework once again demonstrat­es that diplomacy and negotiatio­ns are the only way to find sustainabl­e solutions to internatio­nal conflicts.”

It is thanks to the steadfastn­ess of the Iranian people in resisting the tough sanctions the US and her allies imposed on them to break their country’s will to insist on its right to use nuclear power for peaceful means.

Sanctions are to be lifted once a final deal is struck by June 30.

This is a spectacula­r victory for all Iranians and for peace-loving people around the world. It is a crushing defeat for the war-mongering Zionist generals who had been hell-bent on bombing Iran’s nuclear capability to smithereen­s.

The South African government said: “A successful resolution of the Iranian nuclear issue will also provide a major boost to the efforts to reverse the deteriorat­ing security situation in the Middle East.”

Just like the settlement of the apartheid occupation of Namibia propelled a settlement of the South African question, we may hope this deal will do the same for Palestine.

Can the long night of the generals be far off for Israel?

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