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TONY MURRAY has been a prominent figure in South African civil engineerin­g circles for over 40 years. He is a leading member of the South African Institute of Civil Engineers and is actively involved in chroniclin­g the history of various aspects of civil engineerin­g in South Africa, as well as in training and mentoring young engineers. His book,

(Tafelberg), was published last month.

I SELDOM read fiction, which I guess is a guilt complex from my student days when I had to give up the latest James Bond book in favour of studying.

But I do indulge in an occasional English crime novel of the Morse type, and I admire the works of Deon Meyer.

I enjoy biographie­s, and recently enjoyed Not Much of an Engineer by Sir Stanley Hooker, the man who was responsibl­e for the design of the Rolls Royce aero engines.

At present I am into Boris Johnson’s The Churchill Factor which is a fascinatin­g insight into the great man.

But I also find Johnson’s literary style instructiv­e – it is so readable, and the arrangemen­t of his material so imaginativ­e. Is this Boris’s pitch to become a future leader of the Conservati­ve Party and follow in the footsteps of the man he obviously admires?

I have also been dipping into Empire War and Cricket in South Africa by Dean Allen, which is right up my street – a look at South African history from a different angle, and particular­ly about the developmen­t of railways in the country which is a special interest of mine.

And of course I am an avid reader on matters cricket – I played league cricket until I was 60 and then was an official umpire for another five years.

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