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regrets, however. I love every second of being on stage. Good or bad. I do miss working with the learners though. It’s always great to identify raw potential and watch it grow.

What or who inspired you to become a comedian?

To be honest, there was no real inspiratio­n at the start. It kind of just happened. Procrastin­ation led to this interestin­g path. I have to thank UCT and its “exciting theory driven courses”. I was bored in my third year while studying for my final politics exam. I started jotting down a few funny thoughts. I told my friends about this “epiphany” the next day and then decided to find out more about the local stand-up comedy circuit in pursuit of my first gig.

This show is directed by Stuart Taylor. How has it been to work with him?

It’s been awesome. I trust Stuart and his style of comedy.

Ironically, he was the first comedian who booked me to perform in a formal theatre space – a four-night run at On Broadway in 2011 alongside him, Oliver Booth and Carl Weber. I’ve tried to soak up as much of his knowledge and experience as possible. One of the most valuable lessons he taught me was about the “economy of

South African comedy is in such a good space. Opportunit­ies are everywhere. I’d like to keep creating different spaces to perform in – whether in Cape Town, South Africa or different countries. If I’m still around in 2020, that would be great. I’d like to be a household name in South Africa. That would make me a happy man.

And you’re also a sports presenter on Good Hope FM’s Breakfast Show. Is there much about sport to make us laugh, do you find? (Apart from Bafana Bafana’s track record.)

Shots fired. You went straight for Bafana Bafana! Actually, there are so many interestin­g characters in the world of sports. Imran Tahir (the Protea’s leg spinner) for example. He’s my favourite. The passion he displays when taking a wicket is amazing. What a champion! He just keeps running. The team ends up chasing him.

I’m convinced that one day he’ll take a wicket, run out of Newlands, head into the main road, go under the subway, run past the breweries and into the rugby stadium. Then he’ll make an intercepti­on, score a try and then convert for the Springboks.

What was the last live show you saw, and how did you find it?

The Plot Hole. I loved it. It’s a stand-up comedy show with Westley Cockrell and Stuart Cairns. They just finished a run at the

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