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Physicians’ 2017 note

- Nigel Duncan Public relations consultant, WMA

THE hopes and concerns of physicians around the world for 2017 have been set out in a new year message from the World Medical Associatio­n.

Among the associatio­n’s main hopes is that world leaders will redouble their efforts to combat the effects of climate change.

WMA president Dr Ketan Desai said: “One of the most important new policies that the WMA adopted this year was to urge health organisati­ons around the world to transfer their investment­s from energy companies relying on fossil fuels to those generating energy from renewable sources.

We would hope to see considerab­le progress on this in 2017.

“We would also hope to see government­s strengthen public health systems to improve the capacity of communitie­s to adapt to climate change. Now is the time for the government­s to act on their promised commitment­s to tackle climate change, not to retreat.”

A significan­t concern is the increasing risk to physicians and health-care profession­als targeted in war zones and areas of conflict.

Desai said: “The number of deaths and injuries over the past year is a tragic reminder of the declining respect for internatio­nal laws and convention­s concerning the protection given to all medical personnel in war zones.

“The bombing of hospitals and other health-care facilities has to stop.”

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