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Motivation from Mufti Menk

- Jade Otto

“CAPE TOWN is one of the best places on Earth and those who have not yet visited the city have no idea what they are missing.”

These were the words of world renowned Muslim scholar Mufti Menk who will be in the city for the month of Ramadaan.

Mufti Menk, who interprets and expounds Islamic law, said he loved Cape Town and its people.

“Cape Town is so calm, so serene… If you look at the people, they reflect nature around them, it’s mountainou­s, it’s rocky and it’s tough. I find my experience is that the people’s nature would be similar. They would be a little bit tough because of the geographic­al terrain. They are equally beautiful, calm and genuine.

“The communitie­s, I find, are very receptive, loving and accommodat­ing. They love to learn and they are deeply in love with Islam and respectful of those who follow other faiths. This is something unique when it comes to Cape Town,” he said.

Mufti Menk will be leading Taraweeg (voluntary evening prayers) at the Gatesville Mosque this Ramadaan.

Speaking before his arrival this week, he said he enjoyed spending the little free time he has with his family.

“I play games with my little children and make them laugh. Also, I love to help people, but I don’t consider it free time, it’s part of my job.

“The biggest source of happiness for me is when someone doesn’t know who I am and I reach out to them and make them smile or make their day. I just want to help, make them smile and walk away and I know I’ve done my good deed,” he said.

Mufti Menk said he was looking forward to visiting Cape Town as he had lots of friends, family and followers here.

“The bulk of my followers in South Africa are from Cape Town. I appreciate the hospitalit­y,” he said.

While in the city Mufti Menk’s lectures can be heard at the Gatesville Mosque and it will also be livestream­ed on radio and television.

About 4 million downloads are expected during the Holy Month on various smartphone applicatio­ns.

This year’s lectures are themed “Save yourself ”and will follow last year’s lectures. “Save yourself : Part 2” is aimed at equipping people to face the hardships of life.

He explains that “Save yourself ” reflects “verses of the Qur’an that guides us on how we can save ourselves from difficulty, hardship, calamity, loss, depression, stress and discord, in this world and how we can save ourselves in the Hereafter. So it’s a balance of living, life skills and belief which drives you close to God Almighty”, Mufti Menk said.

He will also launch his new book in Cape Town entitled Motivation­al Moments by Mufti Menk.

“It brings together 500 of most popular quotes of mine on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google Plus since posted in 2011. It brings together more than 30 million likes in one book,” he said.

 ?? Picture: youtube ?? RENOWNED: Mufti Ismal Menk will be leading evening prayers at Gatesville Mosque this Ramadaan.
Picture: youtube RENOWNED: Mufti Ismal Menk will be leading evening prayers at Gatesville Mosque this Ramadaan.
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