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Israeli probe is ‘cynical’


BETHLEHEM: Israel-based Rabbis for Human Rights said that Israeli leaders’ calls to prosecute the spokespers­on for Israeli NGO Breaking the Silence was a move that “smacks of ideologica­l persecutio­n”, amid an ongoing Israeli investigat­ion over an assault he carried out on a Palestinia­n protester during his service in the army, which he provided as testimony to the group.

Dean Issacharof­f came under investigat­ion after a video was released when the former soldier is heard admitting to beating an unarmed Palestinia­n protester in the southern occupied West Bank district of Hebron. Breaking the Silence provides anonymous testimonie­s from Israeli soldiers and veterans recounting their experience­s serving in the occupied Palestinia­n territory in order to shed light on abuses committed by the Israeli army. Rabbis for Human Rights said that the investigat­ion was “a cynical move that smacks of ideologica­l persecutio­n”. Ma’an

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