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Zuma launches Operation Vula in KZN

- African News Agency

PRESIDENT Jacob Zuma has launched Operation Vula, a policy programme aimed at addressing a skewed economic makeup in KwaZulu-Natal, by empowering the previously disenfranc­hised.

Zuma and members of the Provincial Executive Council launched the programme in Ixobho yesterday.

He said Operation Vula and its subsidiary, the Radical Agrarian Socio-Economic Transforma­tion (Raset) programme, are “critical milestones in government’s ongoing campaign to bring about meaningful and tangible economic freedom, which has profound positive implicatio­ns on the lives of people”.

Through the Raset programme, the province aims to improve the participat­ion of farmers from historical­ly disadvanta­ged communitie­s in the food production chain.

The deliverabl­es of both programmes were co-ordinated by the Department of Economic Developmen­t, Tourism and Environmen­tal Affairs and MEC Sihle Zikalala.

Zuma is concerned about the cynicism around the economic transforma­tion agenda.

“This cynicism is driven mainly by those who have historical­ly controlled the means of production and their acolytes. The reason why there is such a resistance to our efforts is because we are seen to be threatenin­g the privileged status of those who have been controllin­g the means of production, even after the 1994 democratic breakthrou­gh,” he said.

KwaZulu-Natal Premier Willies Mchunu said the programmes­can help build a democratic society characteri­sed by equality, unity and prosperity for all.

“With us guaranteei­ng market, we are convinced that black and African farmers, in particular, will have enough incentive to enter this sector. We are confident these programmes will assist us to deal with inequaliti­es.”

Zikalala commended the support his department had received from the provincial and private sectors.

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