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Talking tough on crime is a joke in SA


THERE was a very good letter in your edition today from a gentleman who wrote that it’s time to get tough on crime in this country.

At first I thought it was a joke, as the biggest criminal in the land is the supposed No 1 citizen.

Then there was something even more mind-boggling, where there is mention that the vice-president opened his mouth about all the president’s nefarious deeds and those of his pals. The new citizens of this country are waiting to be No 1.

Then comes the most disgusting part: the daily salaries – in The Times – of the various CEOs of all the top businesses in South Africa.

How can any compassion­ate person advertise what these people earn when most of the country is starving and have nothing to eat, and pour into the Western Cape from all the other shockingly run provinces that they, in their ignorance, unfortunat­ely voted in at the last elections as they do not know any better.

And the more ignorant ones are told where to put their X and receive a packet of rice for their loyalty. Delene Eisman Century City

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