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“Your life changes the moment you become willing for it to change and the moment you vow for it to change. Owning a greater level of self-worth and a greater sense of deservingn­ess informs change instantly.”

This moment calls for you to become a more improved version of your previous self, if you are willing to hear its calling. The choice for greatness must always transcend the choice for mediocrity. Owning and improving your self-worth now is your greatness. Your potential cannot be fully unleashed in the mundane or the mediocre. Bringing to life the greatness that is within you in this moment requires your willingnes­s to venture into the unknown and stretch beyond your current comfort zones…This doesn’t happen tomorrow, it happens now. Be willing to experience your fears now as your experience your growth now. A comfort zone reflects too many re-cycled, minimized, previous moments which you chose to not maximize with your powerful presence and potent potential. You bring significan­ce to each moment by infusing it with your highest values and your deepest authentici­ty. Whatever you are willing to do in this moment, influences the next.

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