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E-Class Coupé lands

Meet the sexy twodoor cousin of the Mercedes-Benz executive sedan


WE’RE not sure whether the name of the new two-door Mercedes-Benz E-Class, launched in South Africa last week, should be spelled with or without an accent on the final ‘e’.

Mercedes calls it the E-Class Coupé, but its architectu­re is so typical of luxury Americana that ‘coupe’ might be more appropriat­e. It’s based on the E-Class sedan, but with a low-slung grille, a long bonnet with power bulges, four frameless, fully retractabl­e side windows, four individual seats and no B pillars.

With LED lighting all round, it’s 38mm taller than its predecesso­r and at least 67mm bigger in every other dimension, with commensura­te gains in interior space, emphasised by the dashboard trim that sweeps from door to door and two optional 31cm instrument displays under a single lens, to form what Mercedes calls a ‘widescreen cockpit’, with three different display styles – “Classic”, “Sport” and “Progressiv­e”.

The standard version has two round dials with a 17.8cm display between them and a 21.3cm centre display, all set in a single piano black frame, and in either case the instrument cluster displays and multimedia system are controlled by either finger-swipe touch controls on the steering wheel, a centre console touchpad that can read handwritin­g, or voice control.

The standard Avantgarde trim features blue and beige leather with light wood veneer in either Continued on Page 3

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