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Man gunned down in shop

- Chevon Booysen and Nicola Daniels

A RESIDENT was killed when police and gangsters exchanged fire on Robert Sobukwe Road between Netreg and Bonteheuwe­l at the weekend.

The shooting was sparked by the confiscati­on of abalone with a street value of R8 million on Saturday.

Bishop Lavis police were assisting law enforcemen­t officers following informatio­n that abalone was being kept at a premises on the corners of Netreg and Oleander roads in Netreg, Bishop Lavis.

Western Cape police spokespers­on FC Van Wyk said: “Members went to the address and discovered a huge amount of abalone in the house with an estimated street value of R8m.”

He said that during the operation police were attacked by gang members with stones and shots were fired at the police. A 44-year-old man was killed.

“The community started burning tyres, closing off the bridge at Robert Sobukwe, between Bonteheuwe­l and Netreg. Then they also closed off Valhalla Drive and threw stones at passing cars,” said Van Wyk.

Cases of public violence and murder were opened.

Meanwhile, a 25-year-old man was shot dead while he was talking to a friend in Manenberg on Saturday.

“Circumstan­ces about a fatal shooting incident (where a man) was standing and talking to a lady friend outside Grieta Court, Manenberg, on Saturday about 10.30am are under investigat­ion. A murder case was registered for investigat­ion. The suspect fled the scene on foot and is yet to be arrested. The motive for this shooting is unknown at this stage.”

Manenberg Safety Forum chairperso­n Roegshanda Pascoe said: “We go to sleep with shots ringing out and when you wake, it is the same thing. The whole of Manenberg is flooded with guns. We do not know where these guns come from but now it’s as if every gangster has their own gun and it’s free flowing.”

Manenberg CPF chairperso­n Abdul Kader said a meeting was being set up with the acting station commander to address the matter.

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