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Pastor claims water heals homosexual­ity

- Nosiph Mngoma

If he is claiming to be a Christian pastor, then why won’t he allow us in?

A GROUP of LGBT activists have vowed to approach the Equality Court over claims by controvers­ial pastor Hamilton Nala that his faith water can heal homosexual­ity.

The group picketed outside Nala Mandate Internatio­nal in Durban yesterday. They called for Nala – who previously claimed his faith water could heal HIV – to stop sending a false message that sexual orientatio­n was a choice and could be “fixed”.

Hlengiwe Buthelezi, chairperso­n of KZN LGBT Recreation, which promotes inclusion in arts and culture, said homosexual­ity was not a sickness.

“It’s nature. By saying he can heal us, he is proclaimin­g he is mightier than God because God created us the way we are.”

In his sermon broadcast live on Facebook, Nala said if it was true they were created by God, then that was not the God he believed in.

“Whoever wants to take me to court for this can go ahead, as far as I know in South Africa there is a constituti­on that says I have a right to my opinion. Everyone who comes to this place comes because they believe in my opinion and my beliefs. It is my belief that God would not create a woman with breasts and a womb just for decoration purposes, so that you can take it out when you want,” he said, seemingly referring to transgende­r people who have gender reassignme­nt surgery.

Nala said the picketers were welcome, on condition that they accepted that God had anointed him to deliver them from “doing that”.

But the picketers said they were refused entry yesterday. “If he is claiming to be a Christian pastor, then why won’t he allow us in?” said Sbongiseni Khumalo of the KZN LGBT Centre.

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