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Youth-led NGO raises funds to aid poor peers

- Dominic Adriaanse

IN A bid to help child-headed homes and young women in need of sanitary products, a group of young people have begun a Youth Matters Movement.

The group of past and present CPUT students, consisting of over 30 members between the ages of 18 and 30, aim to help their peers from disadvanta­ged communitie­s.

Founding member Anele Wondo, 30, said the group wanted to leave a legacy by following the mantra “youth for youth” and begin a #donorrenai­ssance to raise money to assist those in need.

“We started as a group wanting to raise funds just to buy backpacks, but realised this was not enough in the long run.

“Our campaigns are primarily driven towards childheade­d homes, but also effect change we needed to embark on a larger awareness.”

She said their #sanitiseas­ister campaign came about because too many young girls are missing school and reverted to using unhygienic items from old rags to toilet paper as sanitary pads.

Studies found that teenage girls, between the ages of 12 and 18, living in poverty in urban and rural areas, can lose up to a fifth of their high school education because they do not have access to feminine hygiene products.

Wondo said they are in the process of registerin­g themselves as a non-profit organisati­on and working towards formulatin­g a plan of action to raise enough funds to make sure their goals are achieved.

“Some of us are still studying, but some of us are already in the workforce and we want to leave a lasting legacy and help effect change.

“We are hoping to partner with other NGOs to ensure those most in need receive the donations.”

She said they had already received items through a recent event, but plan to host another later this month and welcome assistance from organisati­ons and private individual­s.

For more informatio­n about the Youth Matters Movement, visit them on Facebook or email youthmatte­

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