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Well done, Wynona


I FEEL obliged to come to the defence of one of your reporters, Wynona Louw. In this regard I am referring to Mark Volmink’s letter titled “Wynona dissapoint­s” which appeared in Wednesday’s paper.

Although I fully agree with the sentiments that have been expressed by Mark, I feel that his disappoint­ment is unwarrante­d.

I ask Mark to go back and read Wynona’s articles. I have always found them to be well researched and balanced. She has often tackled the thorny issue of transforma­tion in our rugby. She has, in my opinion, never shied away from this subject.

I respect the fact that Mark responded positively to Wynona’s “explanatio­n” and continue to look forward to all the sports articles appearing in the Cape Times, especially Wynona’s.

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