Cape Times

Stop ‘kragdadigh­eid’


I REFER to your article on page 1 on Wednesday, August 2, with the headline “Judge slams education bosses”. Once again the Western Cape Education Department has demonstrat­ed its “kragdadigh­eid” towards the poor in this province.

Helen Zille and Debbie Schäfer should be replaced immediatel­y. It is a shame that poor pupils whose only hope to a decent life is through education are denied a school nearest to their place of residency. The uncertaint­y under which these pupils, parents and teachers must live is unacceptab­le.

The “cocktail queen” of WCED is more interested in selling liquor at schools, getting businesses to invest in collaborat­ive schools with huge tax cuts and setting up a money-making evaluation unit instead of addressing the important issues in education like more teachers in poor schools, opening teacher training colleges with progressiv­e teaching methods and a more understand­ing attitude towards teachers etc.

WCED will go out of its way to sort out problems in schools of the rich. San Souci High School is an example.

It is time that the people in the

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