Cape Times

Carrot to save water


THIS letter is directed to the City of Cape Town that controls our residentia­l water supply.

We read ad nauseam of the council trying, without much success, to force people to save water by threatenin­g them and asking neighbours to spy on each other etc. I suggest the following ideas that could ease our water situation.

Encourage people to save water by giving them a financial gain.

In our case for the past four months we have used only 2k litres of water per month which totals 33 litres/person/ day. (We run a vegetable patch using grey water only). If all residentia­l properties were enticed to save water by limiting themselves to say 5k litres a month and THEN being rewarded by having 15% taken off their property rates every month we would be winning the game. It is a win-win story. C A REINBOU (if you are lucky enough!) Edgemead

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