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WE HAVE found 21 words that can be made from the letters in the square, each of which uses the letter in the middle and contains at least four letters. We challenge you to beat this, and also to make at least one nine-letter word. No abbreviati­ons, initials or foreign words unless they form words in everyday use. No plurals. Today’s Target: Good 14; very good 17; excellent 21. Solutions tomorrow. FRIDAY’S SOLUTIONS: Bele, Able, Acerb, Albert, Bael, Bale, Baler, Bare, Bate, Bear, Beat, Beater, Beer, Beet, Beetle, Belt, Berate, Beret, Beta, Betel, Blare, Blear, Bleat, Bleater, Brace, Bracelet, Bract, Brae, Brat, Caber, Cable, Celebrate, Crab, Rebate, Rebec, Rebel, Retable, Table, Treble. (If you got, 26 good; 31 Very good; 39 Congratula­tions, you have met the challenge)

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