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Mango Fridge Tart



3 large mangos 1 tin condensed milk 1 large tin Ideal milk (evaporated) that’s been chilled in your fridge overnight 2 packets of mango jelly 2 packs of tennis biscuits


First dissolve the jelly in one and three-quarter cups of hot water and allow to cool till very cold.

Next take two mangos and peel off the skin. Remove all the soft fruit, discarding the peels and pip.

Take the fruit and cut it into small pieces and then take a fork and pulp it, but not too much .

Beat chilled Ideal milk in a cold bowl until it resembles whipped cream, about a minute with an electric hand mixer. Add condensed milk and very cold jelly and whisk till well combined. Fold in the mango pulp.

Dip tennis biscuits one at a

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