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I ACT Campaign will inspire fund-raising for rape victims


THE I Act Campaign (inspired from the word impact) stems from our need to raise awareness and funds in order to continue providing our counsellin­g services.

Through this campaign, we encourage supporters to take action by donating. We asked members of our staff, volunteers and some of the people we have worked with to give an impact statement explaining how and why they act to end sexual violence. These statements can be viewed at impact/.

By donating just R100 a month to Rape Crisis, supporters will sponsor a free counsellin­g session for a rape survivor.

We hope that thanks to the I Act Campaign, donors and supporters will encourage others to get involved so we can keep providing our counsellin­g services.

Through these counsellin­g sessions, survivors gain the confidence to move on with their lives and not let their past define them, they are able to make clear decisions about their future and to feel more in control of their life.

They are less afraid, and they connect with other people more easily.

Our counsellin­g takes the form of a 24-hour helpline operating 365 days a year, one-to-one sessions by appointmen­t, online counsellin­g and support groups.

Many people aspire to make an impact and make a difference but we understand that it is a complex process that can be intimidati­ng when it comes to supporting a rape survivor.

By breaking it down into individual actions with the simple yet direct slogan that is “I Act”, we are hoping to make contributi­ons more accessible and easier to understand and share.

This campaign creates a sense of social responsibi­lity for the people who contribute as they feel inspired by helping their community.

Every single one of us has our own unique way in which we can “act” therefore creating a much larger collective “impact”.

Our goal was to create a campaign that would inspire people, through positive incentives, to take action and make a difference towards rape and sexual violence in our country.

We also wanted a campaign that supporters could easily share on platforms. Zeenat Hendricks Communicat­ions Co-ordinator Rape Crisis Cape Town Trust

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